Do the Clothes you Wear Affect your Behaviour?

Are there instances in your life when you feel more confident after changing to a new outfit? I am sure most of us have experienced something like this: You wake up anxious about a big presentation, you forget to eat or even wash your hair, then you choose to wear a new power suit, and suddenly you feel ready to win that meeting? 

It might be such a small, ordinary part of our day-to-day lives, but what we wear significantly affects our behaviors and moods. This can be better observed during the rehearsal process of a play or movie. Actors will be given specific clothing pieces - a scarf, an old pair of jeans, a statement shirt - that best represents their character. Through these pieces, actors can personify their roles better and complete the transformation from themselves to the surfaces they are supposed to play. Clothing helps symbolize different personalities and traits that allow them to achieve the level of performance they are supposed to deliver. 

When it comes to non-actors such as most of us, clothes play a similar role. What we wear communicates to the world who we are, our taste and style, and even our mood for the day. Ever notice that whenever you are having a tough day, you wear lousy clothes or anything you pick up from the closet even if they do not match at all? That’s because what you wear also represents how you are feeling. More than anything, they tell a story about you. 

Now given this information, here are some tips to remember whenever you are dressing for the day: 

  • Find your distinct style. Since clothes help communicate who you are, it is crucial to find your personality’s unique style. More than just following fashion fads, you should always integrate your distinct taste and sense into what you wear. 

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  • Consider the occasion you are dressing for. Knowing that there is a link between how you dress and how people perceive you or how you feel, always consider the event you are dressing for in choosing your outfit. If you have a formal meeting, pick an ensemble that shows you are a smart professional. If you have bbq with bosses and colleagues, wear something more casual and laid-fack to show your fun-loving side. 
  • Choose clothes that make you feel confident. More importantly, wear clothes that make you feel great about yourself. If you are the type who feels empowered in heels, do so! If you feel more confident when wearing comfortable outfits and shoes, then, by all means, buy more comfortable clothes. 

Despite what society dictates, choosing what you wear still depends on you and how it makes you feel. After all, the world is your runway.