10 Vintage Photos That Will Never Happen Again In Our Lifetimes

Throughout the history of the ever-changing history of the world, moments have conspired that sometimes make us wonder if we are any different than our ancestors who lived one hundred years ago. The answer according to photographic evidence is definitely yes in some cases. While most of us will never go to a drive-in movie theater or hang our babies in baskets out of the window, these ten vintage photos from the 20th you to the realization that much has changed since ‘the good old days’.

1. Rooftop Boxing

woman boxing on a rooftop in the 1930’s.

2. A Vertical Car Park

new york car park

3. Gymnastics On The Chrysler Building

gymnastics on the chrysler building

4. Ballerinas Walking The City Skyline

ballerinas walking the city skylinee

5. The Baby Cage

the baby cage

6. Babies & The Berlin Wall

babies & the berlin wall

7. Ticker Tape World War 2 Celebrations

world war 2 celebrations

8. Broadway In the 1950’s

broadway in the 1950's

9. The Window Knocker

the window knocker

10. The Movie Drive-In

the movie drive-in