Abstract Aerial Art: These Two Brothers Capture a New View of the World

Wolverhampton born brothers photographers, Mike and JP Andrews, aka Abstract Aerial Art newly started this airy series of photographs after traveling around the globe.

What began as a short escape from the 9-5 rat race, and also a whole lot of wanderlust burning through their veins, the Andrews brothers began their experience by traveling around the globe to Australia to envision the scenery they encountered, and document all of it onto a blog. It wasn’t until the pair started their journeys across the huge state that matters changed forever.

A month into their trip, and after many delays including drone flying limitations, getting stuck in the mud 100 miles away from culture, locating themselves chasing storms and surrounded by wildfire, the set had an opportunity to settle back and look at the images they had been catching across the way. It wasn’t the normal landscape pictures which were holding their focus, but, in actuality, it was the images that they had been taking directly above the arenas that stood outside. It was at this point that ‘Abstract Aerial Art’ was born.

Mike Andrews, one half of Abstract Aerial Art, stated: “Arriving in Sydney and locating ourselves a pre-owned automobile, we set off to the outback with no survival skills in any respect, to film and photograph remote Australia. The experiences we went on were unbelievable, and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

“But not long into our trip, we came to realise that we had a huge variety of extremely rare images which we had no idea what to do with, yet wanted to share with the world — when you look at scenery in a generic landscape format, whilst still unbelievable, it’s what everyone is used to seeing. After we realized how odd things seem directly from above, we knew we’d stumbled upon something unique. The images we recorded are magical, and the world deserves to see them.”

Transferring the circumference of the earth after which three quarters of the way back again surely is not the same way that many Brits start looking for a new task, but Abstract Aerial Art has travelled the equivalent of driving from London to Sydney, and back again, double, and also have an armoury of tales to whet the appetite of even the most sophisticated traveller.

Looking at their photography is similar to looking at a sci-fi book full of artist’s impressions of planets far from Earth. Landscapes become abstract bursts of color and stripes, and tropical seascapes echo the beauty of green agate pieces. The most interesting thing about Abstract Aerial Art’s pictures is that, other than slight color and contrast improvements, none of their pieces are manipulated in any other manner.

All pictures courtesy of Abstract Aerial Art