Abstract architecture photographs from cities around the world

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Geometric shapes, mesmerizing silhouettes, and smooth curves catch the eye of Andres Gallardo Albajar (Spanish photographer). He traveled the whole world to capture some of the most beautiful buildings a man can find.
Focusing on lines, shadow, color, and symmetry, his pictures are often shot against a bright blue sky, letting the contemporary and abstract architecture to stand out and crave our attention. From Stockholm to Seoul, Bilbao to Beijing, Spanish artist is drawn to buildings as famous as the Muralla Roja or Guggenheim Bilbao, the labyrinthine apartment complex created in 1968 Ricardo Bofill.
His fascination started when he got his first DSLR camera, back in 2012. That’s when he became interested in architecture and created environments. His newest series has now been combined for a new book called Urban Geometry, published by Hoxton Mini Press. In the introduction, Rachel Segal Hamilton writes that Albajar’s photographs speak a language of curves, colors, symmetry, and lines.
Unusual perspectives and partial views give Urban Geometry an immersive feel that mimics the dynamic, embodied experience of moving around a city. Before Andres visits a town, he does his research on architecture, although once he’s there, he enjoys the surroundings, wandering aimlessly to be surprised by his discoveries.
The book intro written by Rachel tells us that there are some spectacular specific examples of the architecture shown here. Still, more than that, this series inspires us to tune into the buildings and city planning that we might overlook.


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