Rare Color Photography of Early 1900s Paris

Prepare to see the City of Light like you've never seen it before. For most of us, this pre-war city has always existed in black and white. But in these photographs, Paris is bursting with color. All the photos shown below were made using Autochrome Lumière technology. It's an early color photography process, patented in 1903 and invented by the famous French Auguste and Louis Lumière, populary known as Lumière Brothers. They were the earliest filmmakers in history.


Montagne Sainte-Geneviève street

3ccc4b812921b859b2d0241589996dc5Rue Cambon street, 1918

7b1f810c254e0453500228b51add5200Next to The National Residence of the Invalides, 1910

68c048009967884af962e5203559fbdaRepublic Square, 1918

519f595678dd7c46446bcd897a9a2e88Rue Rambuteau street, 1914

08985c978af9c1dccb8a1b0444b911a4Rue du Pot de Fer street, 1914

10387c351d014cde9b48e0704d368fe0La Samaritaine department store, 1930

0c6d1f8be7b400539b978d0b7b023590Saint-Denis street, 1914

33438eed989102da797637df31281ed8Montparnasse street, 1914


Rue Mouffetard street

c8a91d554f54fbe4bdfcdfedc8c0a994 (1)Hotel de Ville, 1919

dfdc5b405a1192a69ef7d4592f5eae85Cinema Pathé Gobelins, 1918

e7559b8e144f15928ce86e78ffdc0d34Bourbon seafront, 1910

fdb22c52ef481ad0cdc6b10d9d0bed8eBoulevard Exelmans, 1920