Amazing Shots Show Erupting Volcano That Is Apparently Spewing Ashes To The Milky Way

Photographer Albert Dros during his recent trip to Fuego Volcano in Guatemala have outdone even himself.

He came back with a stunning number of photos featuring the natural marvel. And so I was clearly going for that “Erupting lava is visible in night and evening,” Dros told Daily Mail. And he managed to time his shots so perfectly that it seems such as the volcano is spewing ashes right to the Milky Way.

When I finally saw Fuego erupt along with the ability of its sound, “, I used to be paralyzed with awe. It was amazing and was clearly one of the most remarkable things I 'd ever found in nature.”

And also to make us envy him even more, he added: “The sight of an erupting volcano is something I was only used to seeing in films, it was surreal.”