Dancer: Brittany Cavaco
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Ballet Dancers Pose Nude on New York City High Vantage Points

Omar Z. Robles, renowned for his exceptional dance photography, has once again captivated audiences with his latest series, "Bare Sky Dance". This groundbreaking project elevates the art of dance photography to unprecedented heights, both literally and metaphorically. Robles' decision to photograph ballet dancers nude on the rooftops of New York City introduces a striking contrast between the fluidity of the human form and the rigid urban environment.

The Essence of Vulnerability and Strength

The unique aspect of "Bare Sky Dance" lies in its raw and unfiltered portrayal of the dancers. By choosing to pose nude, these artists share not just their physical form but also their inner strength and vulnerabilities. The series becomes a narrative not just of dance, but of personal journeys and triumphs.

Dancer: Brittany Cavaco

Brittany Cavaco's Empowering Story

One notable story is that of Brittany Cavaco, a dancer who overcame the trauma of sexual assault. Her participation in this series marks a transformation from feeling self-conscious to experiencing a sense of liberation and pride. This transition, captured on a challenging day of cold and rain, adds a profound depth to the visual experience.

Dancer: Brittany Cavaco

Cassandra Orefice: A Symbol of Freedom

Cassandra Orefice's involvement in the series signifies a celebration of the freedom and confidence bestowed upon her by dance. Her story, like others in the series, transcends the visual medium, offering viewers a glimpse into the soul of the dancer.

a woman standing in front of a building
Dancer: Silken Kelly

Robles' Artistic Vision

Omar Z. Robles' approach to this series reflects his deep appreciation for the human form, akin to artists throughout history. His work is not just about capturing images; it's about telling stories and highlighting the resilience and beauty of the human spirit.

Dancer: Stephanie Chisholm

"Bare Sky Dance" is more than a photography series; it is a powerful homage to the human form, the art of dance, and the personal stories that shape us. Omar Z. Robles has created a masterpiece that resonates with viewers on multiple levels, making it a significant addition to the world of contemporary art.

Dancer: Jacline Henrichs
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Dancer: Terk Lewis
Dancer: Cassandra Orefice
Dancer: Alex Wong
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Dancer: Taylor Massa
Dancer: Alexandra Jacob
Dancer: Alberte Nilausen
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Dancer: Karina Terán
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Dancer: Silken Kelly

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