These photos reveal a connection between flowers and ballet

Yulia Artemyeva's big part of life is dance. She spent a considerable part of her childhood involved with ballet. She was able to relive all of her youth memories, thanks to a very creative project. It's a creation of juxtaposed ballet dancers and flowers. These photographs put elegant dancers right next to blooms that represent their movements. This display perfectly shows how nature and art are connected. The first step of this project was to ask dancers to create dynamic and different actions and positions. The real challenge had begun when she had to find a matching flower to a given pose. Artemyeva had to go through plenty of samples to see what she found the most accurate. The main comparison brought to attention is the graceful pose; there are other aspects within these pictures.
Both ballet dancers and flowers are fragile. This is especially so when we take how dancers' careers end while they're still young and compare how quickly herbs lose their petals.
Russian artist is filled with hope that her audience will begin appreciating the beauty surrounding them and forcing them to look closer and deeper into their lives to find this beauty. She shares with My Modern Met to look at the world as if you were a child. She underlines that it's crucial to rediscover the world every day.
She says that thanks to this project, she could relive her life. It was a sort of therapy for her.