“Weakness of the Flesh” Captivating and Eerie Short Film with Dancer Emma Rosenzweig-Bock

It’s no secret that people are fascinated by the idea of clones and doubles. The concept is at the heart of many films, from Cloning Elle to Orphan Black to Blade Runner 2049. This captivating video “Weakness of the Flesh” takes this fascination one step further, with dancer Emma Rosenzweig-Bock dancing in front of a sea of her own reflections. This chilling and disquieting piece contrasts her graceful sequences with more compulsive, Suspiria-esque jolts as she writhes and pulls her dirt-covered body from the concrete. In this captivating short film, Rosenzweig-Bock dances to an endless loop of synchronized dancers who glitch or freeze in position, predicting what she will do next.
Co-directed by Kevin McGloughlin and Max Cooper for Films. Dance a series of 15 short films created during the pandemic that merge dance film fashion music; you can watch other performances on Vimeo.