Hong Kong Ballet Just Unveiled its Edgy and Visually Striking Seasonal Campaign

Hong Kong Ballet 5

Hong Kong Ballet has unveiled its edgy, bizarre, visually magnificent seasonal effort yet — nailing new artistic director Septime Webre’s wildly fresh vision.

Conceived and gorgeously art directed in Hong Kong by DC-based creative agency Design Army, the campaign stars the classical dancers in the most anything-but-typical (or subtle!) Visuals — striking mad airborne contortions in surreal settings (from balancing dim sum pots on boats to donning Mad Men retro) — all backdropped by Hong Kong landmarks newly reimagined.

Hong Kong Ballet 7

In the middle of the work is the photography, shot at Hong Kong with dancers from the troupe. “For the brand images, we created a visually stunning language speaking into the vibrancy and energy of this art form, the dancers, and the city itself. We designed a lush, rich world of fantasy through fashion, color, and typography — establishing a recognizable and dynamic new speech.”

Fierce, graceful and exploding with China rich reddish — there is nothing conservative about this work. Even the ballerina buns mimic the Hong Kong skyline within this eye-popping design-meets-dance campaign.


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