Bernhard Lang’s Abstract Aerial Photos of Fish Farms

German photographer Bernhard Lang takes amazing photos of orbicular fish farms. The odd, ovoid enclosures look like abstract geometric layouts, barely linked to the flourishing ecosystems of fish that lay just under the surface. Aquaculture is viewed by many as a more effective approach to securely breed bigger volumes of fish rather than harvesting wild inhabitants, but worries about the ecological impact near farming websites have increased a lot of queries.

Greece‘s aquaculture sector is very important to the nation,” Lang stocks with Colossal. “Notably [due to the poor financial situation in Greece. Fish, largely sea bass and sea bream is just one of the largest agricultural exports, adjacent to olive oil” Nevertheless, fish costs have dropped sharply in the past few decades, further threatening a burgeoning sector.

Lang is famous for his aerial research of wildlife, industry, and landscapes across the globe including a current collection of harbors from the Philippines plus a vibrant group of beach umbrellas in the Italian resort town of Adria. You can follow along with his latest pictures on Behance and Instagram.