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“Flesh Love Returns” – Japanese Photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi’s Surreal Vacuum-Sealed Photography

Love is a strong feeling that can bring people together and make them feel linked. Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi captures this idea in his surreal vacuum-sealed photography series. In these images, couples, families, and structures are wrapped in plastic bags to represent unity and connection. According to Kawaguchi, “Everything in the world is based on love.” This series is a beautiful representation of the power of love.
“People who like each other are naturally drawn to one another, and they want to be together. I shot couples vacuum-sealed as a project called ‘Flesh Love Returns’ to represent this power of love.
For this, I took pictures of the couples in their most significant locations. They chose the site, and I picked the most pleasing angle possible. Some couples picked the place where they first met, some selected the workplace where they made their relationship, and others picked a restaurant where they had their first date.” — Haruhiko Kawaguchi