Gabe McClintock’s Breathtaking Wedding Photos Will Make You See Adventure and Love in a New Way

If you’re looking for wedding photos that will make your friends and family say “WOW,” then you need to check out the work of Gabe McClintock. His breathtaking images capture the adventure and love of marriage in a whole new way. John’s photographs are guaranteed to wow, from stunning mountain vistas to shots next to an erupting volcano in Iceland. His work is unquestionably worth looking at if you’re searching for something genuinely distinctive!
The images of the volcano are extraterrestrial. Nina and Rand, dressed in formal clothing, stand out against the brilliant fire behind them. “The lava flowed over the dam and down toward the ocean,” says McClintock. “It was magnificent to photograph as it came down. We reached the hill, and I felt my clothes billow in the soft wind as we descended. Before you could see the lava itself, you could see the sky glimmering red and feel the hot air on your skin. To behold crimson lava flowing was something I’ll never forget as we crossed over the top.”
Shooting this wedding was a thrill for McClintock, who has been photographing weddings for 18 years. The elopement photographs, however, necessitated special care because of the environment. “The wind can be quite dangerous, from strong winds and rain to hot and cold air (depending on the direction of the wind) or sulfur dioxide gas that would take your breath away and water your eyes as the wind changes. It was a fascinating trip with Nina and Rand, who were great throughout.”
The active volcano is just one aspect of the vista seen in Nina and Rand’s shoot. McClintock also captured images at Reynisfjara Beach and Skogafoss Falls’ base. Each shot has a sense of drama while also displaying the couple’s creative energy and willingness to get a little dirtied up.
While the McClintock shoot is undoubtedly impressive, she isn’t done fantasizing. “There are so many locations I want to shoot with a couple at,” he adds. “My bucket list consists of such places as Brazil’s Lençois Maranhenses National Park and Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong Cave, which are two places that I’m sure many others would like to see. If anyone is reading this who is searching for anything in those locations, please let me know.”

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