Herons of Amsterdam: Julie Hrudová’ Look into the Fascinating Lives of These Birds

Dutch photographer Julie Hrudová is fascinated with Amsterdam's herons. In her ongoing series, Herons of Amsterdam, Julie documents the thriving feathered population - it's grown considerably in recent decades, and in 2017, officials estimated 800 pairs were living in 25 neighborhoods - swooping down to sidewalks for a meal and confidently strutting into people's homes.

Her subjects are known to scour fish markets close to scavenge the day's unsold product and visit their friends (the zoo animals) for dinner time. They've integrated themselves so wholly into human life that it is not uncommon for residents to supply food and respite to those striped creatures who come by every day. "She comes around pretty much every day," says photographer Julie Hrudova about one such bird she calls Kiri, "at times, he stays for a while and watches TV."
Hrudová has also released a zine on the birds of Amsterdam and is currently working on her upcoming book Chasing Amsterdam, which features street photos she takes every week in Amsterdam.
You can follow her daily explorations around the Dutch capital on Instagram.