Images from the book ‘Love Immortal’ by Anthony Cavo, shared with permission. Copyright © 2022 by Anthony Cavo, reprinted courtesy of Harper Design, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
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Love Immortal: New Book Shows How Dogs Have Captured Our Hearts for Centuries

In 1826, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the world’s first photograph from his home in Burgundy, France. It was a simple picture of his courtyard, but it marked the beginning of a new era in photography. For the first time, people could capture images of their loved ones and furry friends for posterity. Now, over two hundred years later, that tradition continues with Love Immortal, a new book by antique dealer and collector Anthony Cavo. This book showcases centuries-old photographs of dogs—images that underscore the timeless and universal recognition many people feel towards these animals.

The author began exploring New York City for treasures when he was seven years old, using his red wagon as transportation. Cavo, who comes from a family of antique dealers, was born with a passion for old things and artifacts, especially photographs. He has collected incredible photos for over fifty years, including hundreds of dog and owner portraits.

Harper Design has published a new volume that features more than 200 vintage photographs taken between 1840 and 1930, including Daguerrotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, cartes de visite, sepia images, and black-and-white pictures. It is possible to create a dog portrait that portrays cherished terriers, retrievers, or hounds as lively and expressive as if they might leap off the table, race out of the frame, or—what dogs do best—drowse off at any moment. You can get one at