Otherworldly Panoramic Photographs of Churches by Peter Li Bring

Photographer Peter Li utilizes panoramic photography to present a new perspective into the breathtaking structure of churches from around the world. By catching the entirety of this ceiling and supporting columns, Li enables the viewer to find the chance to feel what it's like to stand in the center of these grand buildings, while also attaining a viewpoint that's not possible to get without digital intervention.

One of the many stand-out aspects of the photographs is that the symmetry that is highlighted when a chapel's interior is stretched. This element, Li tells Colossal, is precisely what gives the essay its overall equilibrium. Lighting factors and also the season are also essential components that make a panorama more compelling to take. Shapes and shadows appear differently in each space based on where the sun might be overhead, and if at a particular position, this may be very disruptive to the photograph.

When all components fall into place, however, Lee accomplishes photos that are genuinely transportive. His pictures not only take us to a different location on the planet but also enable us to be slightly removed from our great reality. "It divides us from reality, plays with our understanding of form and form and produces a sense of another world. Through my photography, I expect to impart the mysterious nature to the viewer, encouraging them to take a short step out of their truth."