a horse grazing in a field with a mountain in the background

Wild Beauty of Patagonia by Andy Lee

Majestic is one word that immediately comes to mind as you look through Andy Lee‘s portfolio of landscape photography. Shot on the latest trip to Chile, the photographer’s photographs of the sweeping scenery embrace the power and solemn glory of the country’s natural beauty. Patagonia is a sparsely populated region tucked into the southern tip of South America. The area is recognized for its broad deserts and grasslands, and, of course, the magnificent Andes mountain range. The majority of Lee’s shots capitalize on these jagged peaks as they puncture through layers of wispy clouds. His use of natural lighting renders emotion from the rocky cliff faces, each photo communicating a completely different mood. Though the UK-based photographer dabbles in a variety of creative outlets, he states that he finds joy in photography. This passion is evident within his landscapes, as he manages to create a distinct tone in each shot, appropriately celebrating the brilliance of the wilderness he photographs.