A Photographer Merges Time-Lapses of Athletic Events in Composite Photographs

Photographer Pelle Cass documents the action and movement that happens at sporting events at a unique series of masterfully edited pictures named 'Crowded Fields.' Cass subsequently spent heaps of hours editing the photos to arrive at the final composition.

Even though the graphics are highly manipulated, with over five hundred Photoshop layers involved, Cass notes each and every figure stays in the first place and position they were at at the time the photograph was taken. His compositional effort is to understand and convey the visual narrative that unfolded over the course of the sporting event.

The artist told to Colossal, "I scroll up and down, over and above looking for figures I think are fascinating. It is a little like slow-motion Tetris, attempting to fit various shapes into various spaces. Then, with luck, a set of coincidences or a kind of gesture or plasma idea starts to emerge."

Cass, who has been taking photographs for nearly fifty years, improved his current method over time. The particular idea of utilizing sporting events because his canvas took a decade. He describes his motivation to create these dizzyingly complex graphics:

"I think that traditional single-exposure photographs distort by their inhuman briefness. The eye never sees a single moment... If you come home in a hockey game, you might remember a few specific images of big plays, but otherwise, your memory of a game is a little more like a general belief of many-figured bustle and activity."

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h/t Booooooom / Thisiscolossal