Quirky And Divine Self-Portraits By Rosie Hardy

Manchester, UK-based artist Rosie Hardy is only 23 years old, but she's become one of the very impressive photographers especially one of Flickr community. Though she took up photography just to get a fairly My Space image to make the man she had a crush on her, soon she found it rather adventurous and maintained on exploring to develop her abilities. She states "Let inspiration inspire you and take every opportunity. Since we last shared her work, the young photographer has enjoyed greater popularity and recognition because of her skill, even making photos for big names like Maroon 5 and The 1975.

Considering Hardy's stunning portfolio, it's not hard to comprehend her artistic achievement. Although diverse in their subject matter and presentation, each of the pictures shows a dreamlike, psychological world rendered in stunning tones. Her photos contain a persuasive touch of the dream, while in the kind of angel wings sprouting in the back of a young lady, lightbulbs hanging in the skies, or a brave man facing off against a ferocious lion.

When asked what made her pursue photography, Hardy--who describes herself as an "escape artist"--composed on her website,

"I jump into these worlds that are in my mind, which exist in poetry and songs and art. There is something else out there; there's a freedom that you can not grasp. . So I take photos"

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