German Artist Justin Peters Merges Unrelated Images Into Magical Photo Combinations

German self-taught Photoshop expert Justin Peters visualizes surreal fantasies in his growing portfolio of digital art. Encouraged by Pablo Picasso’s quote, “Everything you can imagine is real,” Peters’ photo-manipulations blend irrelevant, real-life photographs together to create enchanting worlds straight from the artist’s mind.

Peters first became interested in photography in 2015, but quickly realized he did not want his images to depict reality. Instead, he learned how to edit his photographs on YouTube and began creating unique digital art inspired by surrealist painters.

From turning carnival rides over erupting volcanoes to glowing jellyfish swimming at the skies, Peters' playful digital collages are created using digital stock photos. A number of the unexpected combinations include vision from science and nature that have been awarded the artist's distinct surrealist twist.

Peters explains,"I expect that if folks experience my work, they discover that a new and different world, which they could dive to demonstrate that everything is possible once you open your head"

You can view more from Peters' impressive portfolio on Instagram.