Photographer Shows Anyone Could Be A Superhero In His New Photo Series

Martin Beck, a Dubai-based Scottish/South African photographer has produced a series of gritty portraits accompanied with a slice of humor in his latest project entitled “We Can Be Heroes’. This photographic series challenges the stereotype of Superheroes revealing them not as unrealistic magazine characters however rather as regular those who, even through their own personal struggles, have the potential to become heroes in their own manner by serving to others.

1. Superwoman & Superman – Teresa & Ghalib, Lebanon

superman superwoman


2. The Hulk - Martin, Wales

the hulk


3. The Flash (female) - Luz, Palestine


4. Captain America (male) - Suresh, India


5. Batman - Omar, UAE & Batwoman - Dina, Egypt

batman and batwoman


6. The Flash (male) - Eranga, Sri Lanka


7. Spiderman - Dan, England & Spiderwoman - Kristina, USA

spiderman spiderwoman


8. Wonder Woman - Suzie & Savannah, UK



9. IronMan - Ahmed, Saudi Arabia

iron man


10. Captain America (female) - Georgina, New Zealand


11. Green Lantern (male) - Mohammed, Bangladesh


12. Superwoman - Teresa, Lebanon


13. Robin (male) - Fergus, Ireland



14. IronWoman - Aliya, Kazakhstan


15. Superman - Ghalib, Lebanon



16. The Flash (male) - Eranga, Sri Lanka

the flash


17. Green Lantern (female) - Victoria, UK


18. Superman - Ghalib, Lebanon


19. Robin (female) - Kristina, Philippines

female robin


20. Superman - Ghalib, Lebanon


More Info: Martin Beck Photography I Facebook