A Photographer Gerrard Gethings Show Resemblances Between Dogs and Owners in New Project

Gerrard Gethings has captured a lot of portraits as an animal photographer, including his very own dog Baxter. So when he began shooting his most recent show that paired people and look-alike dog strains, it might only make sense he would focus on finding the perfect animal models before locating matching humans. For the project Do You Look Like Your Dog? Gethings spent annually creating images that analyze the traditional trope of owners looking just like their canine buddies. The new game presents 25 matches, including a long-haired Afghan and equally silky-haired owner, a messy-haired child and his scruffy pup, and Schnauzer using a matching beard to his leather jacket-clad owner. Now you can buy the photos through Laurence King, and check out more of Gethings's work on Instagram.