Rodney Smith’s thought-provoking surreal photos

Nature is an integral part of our lives. In fact, it is the reason for our lives, and we must pay tribute to her. For that cause, it was decided to arrange a photo exhibition. For the organized display, was used the work of a recently deceased photographer - Rodney Smith, who, throughout his 45-year career, did many of the artworks. His images continue to pleasure and perplex us even these days. With his masterpieces, he is offering us humor, style, and a dose of surrealism. Nature was a fundamental element of Smith's photographic style as he attempted to obtain peace inside the chaos. His urge to achieve this was similar to our need to tame our outdoor environment. For example, it is our call to make the world well kept. And we do it by taking care of shaped bushes and cut trees. The artist was very engaged in people's connection with nature. The way he portraited humanity is evident in many of his pictures. The key to the perfect photo was the location. He never photographed in the studio. He made the environment his photographic studio.