Helga Stentzel Creates Surreal Forms From Household Items

Whoever was on a job interview for sales knows this task - give ten ways to use a pen (or any other object). If you are good at job interviews, it may be easy for you, but I'm sure you didn't think of Helga Stentzel's solution. She decided to take those ordinary objects and make them into art. Helga is a Russian-born visual artist based in London, UK. She works across various media, including illustration, picture-taking, video, and stop motion animation. Helga previously worked as an Art Director in the ad business, where she developed many valuable skills such as strategic thinking, the basics of branding and marketing. These are very useful for creating appealing content for many successful accounts on social media that Stentzel works. Also helpful for managing Helga's mini-blog. On this new project, the artist took everyday household objects to build surreal designs. We love them all.