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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Hilariously Capture Animal Kingdom’s Joy and Humor


Humans are often too serious. This competition, which was founded in 2015, provides amateur filmmakers with a platform to shoot amusing events on film. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards show us the joy in life that’s always present in the animal kingdom. This competition, founded in 2015, provides amateur filmmakers with a platform to shoot fun events on film. This year’s winners have brought smiles to our faces once again!

There were a lot of amusing photographs to select from, but British photographer Ken Jensen got the best one called “Ouch!” During a family holiday in China, Jensen snapped this shot of a mother and child on the bridge over the Xun River. While viewing the Lonsheng Gorge’s Xun River Bridge, he discovered a region where monkeys roamed freely. This male monkey demonstrated aggression while sitting on a support wire, but Jensen’s excellent timing gives the tale a different meaning.

“When I found out that my entry had won, especially when there were so many great photos submitted, I was astonished,” Jensen said. “The exposure that my image has gotten in recent months has been amazing, and it’s fantastic to know that one’s picture is making people smile all around the world and also helped to fund some worthwhile conservation efforts.”

Once again, 10% of the contest’s revenue is donated to environmental causes. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is now partnering with Save Wild Orangutans to protect wild orangutans throughout Borneo.

Other notable photos include Chee Kee Teo’s Time for School, which depicts the ties between a mother otter and her youngster. Vicki Jauron’s photo collection, for example, is particularly memorable. It represents an elephant bathing in the mud with such delight that it looks as though it could burst. You’ll undoubtedly grin as you scroll through the winners because there are so many wonderful—and amusing—photographs to look at.

Comedy Wildlife Air Category winner_John Speirs -'I guess Summer's over!'
Comedy Wildlife Land category winner_Arthur Trevino-Ninja Prairie Dog
Comedy Wildlife Underwater category winner_CHee Kee Teo- Time for school
Comedy Wildlife Portfolio Winner_Vicki Jauron -Joys of a Mud Bath 1
Comedy Wildlife Highly Commended Winner_Andy Parkinson_Let's Dance Kamchatka brown bear Ursus arctos beringianus A pair of spring cubs, just three months old, play fighting Kamchatka Peninsula, Far East Russia
“See who jumps high” by Chu Han Lin (Taiwan). Highly Commended.
Comedy Wildlife Highly Commended Winner_David Eppley - The Majestic and Graceful Bald eagle
“The Green Stylist” by Gurumoorthy K (India). Highly Commended.
Comedy Wildlife Highly Commended Winner_Jakub Hodan -Treehugger
Comedy Wildlife Highly Commended Winner_Jan Piecha_Chinese Whispers
Comedy Wildlife Highly Commended Winner_Lea Scaddan_Missed
Comedy Wildlife Highly Commended Winner_Pal Marchhart_Peekaboo
Comedy Wildlife Highly Commended Winner_Roland Kranitz_I got you