The Street Photographers Journey: A Foundation for Emerging Photographers

Oblivious City: Series Winner by Dimitri Mellos

The Street Photographers Foundation organized the Street Photography Awards 2021, and here are the winners and finalists.

Street Photography is a foundation that is entirely focused on street photography. Street photographers are individuals who go out into the streets and capture what they see. Street photography may be an art form or a pastime, but either way, Street Photographers has something for you! Street photographs frequently capture activities that we might otherwise overlook, displaying how wonderful life is.

The topics addressed are extensive in terms of ideas, styles, and methods. We want to go as far and wide as possible. We are dedicated to publishing images, essays, and artwork of the highest quality by new young talents alongside well-known professionals seeking a place to get their work out.

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Goat auction in Nizwa: Single Image Winner by Maude Bardet
Through my Eyes: Finalist by Bartosz Świątnicki
Q Train: Finalist by Paul Kessel
Eiffel Matrioska: Finalist by Andrea Pier
Untitled: Finalist by Roman Lazarev
Kebab Feast Take Away: Finalist by Alan Burles
After a bus journey: Finalist by Akib Amjad
Untitled: Finalist by Filip Machač
Postcards from Fryslân: Finalist by Bouwe Brouwer
Welcome to Hollywood: Finalist by Andy Hann
Untitled: Finalist by Sina Shiri
Untitled: Finalist by Ilya Nikolayev
Women: Finalist by David Fidalgo
Dog got wings: Finalist by Subhran Karmakar
I See You: Finalist by Ambrus Deak
Walking Around: Finalist by Giuseppe Volpe