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Tips for Balancing Study and Job

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A balanced job and study life may be difficult, but it is achievable.

There are reasons institutions and colleges forbid their students from working while studying. The major one is so they can give all their attention and concentration to their school work and study. However, how about when you have no choice but to get involved in something while studying? You have to buy essay online, pay school fees, and settle accommodation, electricity, and other bills; in such a case, getting a job is the only solution.

But, no matter how good your reason for getting a job, you still have to ensure it doesn’t affect your study. Below are tips to help you navigate the tough times and balance your study and job lives to reach your goals.

Ask For Help When You Need It

Explore your workplace and see if you can get people to support you. You will be surprised to find that your colleagues and employer are more accommodating than you give them credit for. Discuss your study and work goals with them and how they can improve your current position; then, ask for support.

Some companies have various options for their employees, including funded training, job sharing or reduced hours, or study leave. Also, don’t hesitate to get approval to take your annual leave in chunks for your tests, exams, or assignments.

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“Smarter” Always Works

Sometimes, working harder isn’t what you need; working smarter is. For example, using your organization as a basis for your assignments or research project is smart. You can devise opportunities that’ll help you showcase your developing skill set, thereby reducing the time and stress it’ll take to research unknown companies.

In addition, you can take advantage of your lunch hours to read, research your assignments, or review your exam notes. If there’s enough time, you may even listen to lectures at lunch or on your way to work.

Re-Order Your Priorities

First, you need to establish which is more important to you: work or study. Then, you need to prioritize your commitments and activities, pinpointing non-negotiable activities and the negotiable ones. That may mean re-ordering your social commitments, work responsibilities, and personal and family obligations. If the burden is getting too much, feel free to reject more or reduce your involvement to meet your goals.

Manage Burnouts Early

If you’re juggling between work and school, prepare to experience stress and burnout; they are inevitable. While using spare moments to study is easy, it isn’t very effective. Schedule relaxation time between your work and study to avoid reductions in your job performance and academic results. Ensure you are at your best always by getting enough sleep, indulging in social activities, and staying active physically.

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Remember Why You’re Sacrificing

Have a vision board displaying your goals and the timeframe for achieving them, and keep it close. Your goals staring at you will remind you why you are making these sacrifices in the first place. So, when you start feeling overwhelmed, you will remember this and readjust what needs readjusting to get back on track. You have a good reason for tackling study and work simultaneously, and you need to remember it, so you don’t quit.


Although working while studying has its benefits, it also has its downsides and challenges. You’ll often get overworked, tired, and burned out. Also, if care isn’t taken, your academic results may suffer. That’s why knowing how to balance study and job is important to help you achieve your goals.

Working while studying can get overwhelming, but if others can do it, so can you. While you focus on your goals on one side, don’t neglect to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small. Feel free to hold off on your study if you have to, to avoid resenting it altogether.