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Top Tips That Make Student’s Life Easier

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As a rule of thumb, some students study with pleasure, ask for additional homework, and even do them twice as fast as the rest. They do not need reminders and “special” motivation, they are not familiar with guilt and procrastination

Students understand that at times it will not be easy. But exactly until they come across procrastination, fatigue, and indifference of those close to them (who are not ashamed to watch the series at all, while he puffs over the “home” here!).

We recommend some management tips that can make life easier for students. Your life will shine bright like a diamond if you use them at the right time. Let's have a falcon eye on the tips that will make a student’s life easier.

Find a sacred place

A quiet, comfortable, most secluded place where it will not be easy to bother you, which means there will be less who want to distract him. Just stay focused. This "sacred place" must be kept clean and tidy: fewer crumbs from cookies and snacks, more free space, and everything necessary for training. It’s a proper lifestyle.

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The bed or sofa is not suitable for homework: it’s too convenient to fall asleep on them. Plus, there is the opposite effect: if you keep self-learning all the time on the bed you sleep on, then it will be difficult to fall asleep on it later.

Not all scientists agree with the position of "the same place." So, researchers from the Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab at UCLA are sure that alternating locations should be provided. Firstly, it disciplines the brain, puts it in tone. Secondly, if the training material is difficult to remember, a new place for classes will become a conditional “repository” of knowledge and stimulate memories. Just like the “halls of mind” of Sherlock Holmes.

Choose the right time

It is desirable that home self-training took place at the same time. Offer to conduct a couple of experiments and observe for yourself: at what point are they “at the peak” of the training form? It is at this time that high school homework is worth doing.

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It is important to take into account external distractions: if you assign study time to the period when the whole family comes home from work, study, thirsts to eat and exchange news; if at the “moment X” the next episode of your favorite series goes on the Fox channel, the time for college life self-preparation was chosen incorrectly.

Forget about household chores and responsibilities

With self-preparation at home, this is one of the most difficult points. How is it to do it, if dinner for family members is not ready yet, things are not done, and the son is waiting for help with homework? Remind students of the priorities and that studying has a result (reaching a certain level, passing an exam, passing an interview for a dream job), but homework doesn't: no matter how much you remake, tomorrow will appear again. However if you're would like to delegate a writting essays to a tema of professionals consider checking out

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If activities and frankly, hyper responsibility does not allow the student to study, let him fulfill his household chores in advance.

Take breaks

Workaholism and training are just what the doctor ordered! The more the student is engaged without a break, the worse he learns the knowledge, the slower he thinks, the worse the result. Short breaks do not allow you to lose motivation but allow the brain to learn new things and link it to the "old". But success is just an issue of timing.

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Breaks also need to be done correctly: it should not be for a long time, it should not be "dragged" into some other occupation. Excellent breaks are unreal in student life. Look out the window, for a snack in the form of an apple or a cereal bar, for the hugs of bored relatives.

Scan information before studying it

Experts in self-training, as well as speed reading, recommend before you start gnawing the granite of knowledge, you need to look at it superficially. Let the student glance over the headlines, subtitles, pictures, any highlight in the training material (bold, italics, blocks). In student life, it will be easier to call learned from memory.

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Listen during class, repeat in the evening

Our brain is designed in such a way that consolidation of educational material during the day will bring more benefits than hardcore repetition the next day. Even if there is no strength, you need to find the right priority to run through the material studied and send it to the furnace for digestion by the brain during the night hours.

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Visualize training material

Not all of us are visuals, only 70%. But for the minority, this channel of perception is familiar and spare. So visualization while mastering new knowledge always works plus or minus, you just need to find your own version. Sketches are suitable for one, record lectures for the other, schemes for the third, and mind maps, for example, for discrete.

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