How to Enjoy a Luxury Lifestyle on a Budget in 2020

It’s now a new decade, and 2020 looks set to be another year in which household budgets are stagnating, and people are finding it harder and harder to afford life’s small luxuries. With only a small amount of cash left spare in your bank account each month, it can be difficult to justify leading the luxury lifestyle that you wish you could live – which is exactly where this article comes in. Below, you’ll be offered some key pieces of advice to bring your lifestyle back into the luxury field, saving cash while enjoying a high quality of life with your loved ones.

Finding Bargains

Luxury once meant spending money frivolously and without care. But now, it means something entirely different – it means being thrifty at the right moments in order to save on the things that you want to buy to make your lifestyle that bit more opulent. As such, you can do much to help with our progress into a luxury lifestyle simply by looking for bargains, reductions, deals and coupons that’ll help you meet the price of even the most luxury and once-expensive of items.

Getting Subscriptions

Instead of paying multiple one-off fees, it can pay you and your family to buy parts of your lifestyle on subscription. For instance, if you enjoy hosting parties with wine, it can be far more cost-effective to purchase a wine subscription than it is to buy individual bottles every time that you need them. The same can be said for the media you consume, and the food that you eat – it can all be purchased on subscription, which means that you’ll pay reduced fees in return for high-quality products send to your door with regularity.

On Finance

There is another way to boost your lifestyle without paying for it upfront, and that’s to buy items on finance. The typical example of this is the family car – something you can part-buy in the garage, and then continue making monthly payments towards until it’s a vehicle that you fully own. Meanwhile, you can apply that same logic to nearly everything in your life – from clothing to hardware to household appliances. In this way, you’ll not require the high one-off investment that many of the world’s luxury items seem to require – you can pay for them slowly, paycheck to paycheck. 

Networking Smart

Finally, you may find that simply networking – that is, making friends in high places – can help you lead a more luxurious lifestyle that you can alone afford. In this regard, it pays to attend the types of events in which you may meet wealthy and unique people. The advice here, of course, isn’t to make false friends – but it is to take advantage of your contacts that the events that they host in order to lead a life worthy of Instagram, and to enjoy the higher pleasures in life with like-minded individuals who share your love of luxury. 

With so much seemingly out of reach in today’s economy, the above tips will hopefully have come as some respite – showing you that you can indeed afford the luxury lifestyle you desire.