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Non-traditional ways to fundraise

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If you run a non-profit organization, you will be more than familiar that coming up with new and innovative fundraising ideas is critical to see your organization thrive. Many organizations may think of cake stalls, charity fun runs, or family fun days, but there are only so many times you can organize these before it becomes a bit repetitive. 

So, if you are looking for some different ways to fundraise, hopefully, the following ideas will give you some inspiration to help you fundraise for your non-profit.

Fundraising bricks

Fundraising bricks are a relatively new idea that many non-profits are starting to use as a way of making money. These bricks are engraved and can have any message written on them. There are a variety of different ways these can be used, such as being part of a memorial wall or being sent to donors to thank them for their donations. However, many non-profits are using these engraved bricks as a way of creating a memorial garden to remember those who are no longer with us. Letting your donors know how much a memorial garden with engraved bricks will mean to the families and friends of those who have passed away may mean they will feel more inclined to donate, so people have somewhere to come and remember their loved ones. So if you are looking for some memorial garden ideas, fundraising bricks are one of the ways to go. 

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Social media challenge

With the rise of the use of social media in the last few years, using social media to raise money for your non-profit has never been a more prominent feature in fundraising. However, instead of just taking to social media to tell your followers about your non-profit and why they should donate, coming up with a fun and innovative challenge for everyone to get involved with online is an amazing way of raising money. There is also the possibility that this trend could go viral, and a viral challenge means more money raised for your non-profit. 

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Dance marathon

A dance marathon is another fun challenge that enables people to get involved, and it is this involvement that encourages people to donate. Whether you encourage people to get involved in the dancing or ask them to pay to get one of their favorite songs played for people to dance to, a dancing marathon is just a little bit of fun that everyone can get involved with. Not only is it something for everyone to get on board with, but dancing also makes everyone feel good too. 

Are non-traditional fundraising ideas just as good at raising money as traditional fundraising ideas?

If people are used to your more traditional ways of raising money, or maybe you as a non-profit recognize that there are certain fundraising methods that work well, sometimes it can be difficult to want to move away from those methods and move towards fundraising methods you’ve never tried before. However, you can still use your frequent fundraising methods while incorporating new fundraising ideas into the mix. After all, using these new methods can be a great way of getting new donors to give their money to your non-profit organization.