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Part-Time Maid VS Full-Time Maid: Which Is Better?

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With a busy schedule managing everything in the house can be tough. There are barely enough hours in the day to be able to get everything done. Hence, getting extra help from a maid is really vital, with most individuals in Singapore determined to live a satisfactory life. Leaving work and coming home to do chores, or cleaning up for the whole weekend isn’t an option. The services of a maid come in really handy, giving you the chance to spend time with loved ones. However, you should know whether you require the services of a part-time or full-time maid. It’s important to shop around when it comes to hiring a maid, to know what kind of cleaning service you are looking to hire. For example, if you are in Austin, looking for an Austin house cleaning company should involve firstly knowing exactly what you need them for. Furthermore, in most circumstances, families in Singapore hire a full-time maid if they have newborns or toddlers, so many families only search for those. In most circumstances, families in Singapore hire a full-time maid if they have newborns or toddlers. If they need the maid for at least two years to take care of the little children then they take the full-time maid. On the other hand, families that don’t need permanent help mostly go for part-time maids. You should also ensure you get maid insurance when you get a maid since it’s mandatory. It covers all types of accidents, check this site to find more information.

Definitions of part-time and full-time maids

A part-time maid is one who works for around 30 hours a week for a single client. They work for different clients so that they are able to get a full-time salary. They generally charge a bit more per hour because of travel costs.

A full-time maid mostly works for one client. Typically they work more than 40 hours in a week. They can either live in your house or out depending on the package.

Advantages of hiring a part-time maid


A part-time maid works for fewer hours than a full-time maid. Therefore, if you hire one they won’t have much stress from working a lot hence they’ll be more productive. They tend to be more focused since they are getting paid based on a certain number of hours. They will complete your work efficiently within the stipulated time. If you require your chores to be finished quickly, getting a part-time maid is a better option.

Cost efficiency

When you hire a part-time maid you won’t have to worry about paying them a lot. The fact that they don’t live with you and you don’t pay for other expenses apart from the hours they worked for, makes them much cheaper. You aren’t required to pay a monthly salary. You only pay for their services when you need them.


It is much safer to hire the services of a part-time maid. There have been various horror stories about full-time maids over the years such as theft among others. A part-time maid works for a set number of hours, reducing the chances of them committing such acts.


Professional part-time maids receive highly-efficient training and are able to execute chores accordingly. The agencies ensure their part-time maids offer you the best quality services. You can be sure all your expectations will be met. They have vast experience of working in different households and always learn new skills.


is one of the most common reasons why Singaporeans choose part-time maids. You will retain privacy in your home since they only work for a few hours and leave. You won’t have to constantly deal with a stranger in your home.

Disadvantages of hiring a part-time maid

Restricted skills

Despite most part-time maids being very skilled and professional, they have limited skills. They are trained in particular fields of expertise. They can be good at cleaning but sometimes not so good at cooking. Therefore, you might end up hiring more than one.

Lack of consistency

The quality of service a part-time maid will offer you won’t be consistent. It is hard for them to remember what each client prefers since they work for multiple clients.

Limited availability

If you require the services of your part-time maid past the hours they work, then you might face inconveniences. Part-time maids only work for particular hours hence you can’t access their services past that time frame. In the event of various emergencies, you might have to do it yourself.

Advantages of hiring a full-time maid


A full-time maid will offer consistency on how you want your chores performed. They only work for you hence it’s easier for them to get accustomed to how you like things done in your home. The quality of work will always be the same for example, if you have your furniture arranged in a particular manner they’ll always remember.

Ample skills

Mostly, part-time maids have limited skills, unlike full-time maids. A full-time maid will clean, watch your child, cook among other things. They are all rounded in their skills and can handle a variety of chores.


A full-time maid will be staying at your house. Hence, hence they’ll be readily available when you need them. You can access their services 24/7 even when you have emergencies. That’s a great advantage since you won’t be inconvenienced.

Disadvantages of hiring a full-time maid


Some horrific cases have been reported of full-time maids. In some instances, they have stolen from their employers and poison food they cook among others. They have full access to your home.

Long procedures

While hiring a full-time maid, you have to go through the long hiring process. The process includes signing contracts, interviews, work permits etc. On the other hand, a part-time maid is more flexible.

Lack of privacy

If you value privacy, then a full-time maid will be a problem. They will always be in your house and there are high chances of your privacy being invaded often. You have to live with a stranger.

Less productivity

A full-time maid doesn’t have the pressure of finishing work within specific hours. Unlike part-time maids, they have a whole day to complete their chores. Hence, their efficiency isn’t high.

Final thoughts

Whichever you choose a part-time maid or a full-time maid, there are pros and cons. You will decide which one suits you depending on your circumstances. You might have to sacrifice some pleasures for good services. All in all, having a maid is very beneficial and convenient.