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5 Top Spots for Engagement Photos

shallow focus photography of two person holding hands

Maybe you’re one of those people who feel like your wedding and the time leading up to it should stand out in your mind forever. You meet the person of your dreams, and then you experience a fairytale romance. You want to chronicle each moment of the courtship until the moment you exchange vows and go off on your honeymoon.

If that sounds like you, you probably want to take engagement photos. Maybe you’re going to propose to your loved one, or you know they will propose to you on a certain date and at a particular time. You might hire a photographer to accompany you to the place where this magic moment will occur.

The photographer can capture the moment for posterity, and then you can have those pictures forever. You can use them when you send out some “save the date” announcements once you figure out the day you’ll marry your fiancé.

We’ll talk about some of the best spots for engagement photos right now. Think about which one of these might appeal to you the most as you get ready for this memorable moment.

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Unique Spots in Your Hometown

You can always go for a more generic spot, but maybe you want to propose to your loved one in a place unique to your hometown. Perhaps you feel a strong connection to your birthplace or the place you currently live.

If you want some attractive Galveston engagement photos, for instance, you might check out the West Market District or the East End Historic District. If you live in Paris, you might do a photo shoot in front of the Eifel Tower. If you live in New York, you might get some shots of you on one knee, proposing on the Empire State Building’s observation deck with the city spread out behind you.

Look around and consider taking advantage of whatever unique and memorable spot your home city affords you.

The Beach 

Many states feature lovely beaches. You can find some good ones if you live in Hawaii, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, California, New Jersey, and elsewhere.

If you propose to your partner at sunrise or sunset, you can probably get some great shots with the ocean as a backdrop. It’s hard to get a better setup than the sun glinting off the water while you pop the question and prepare for life’s next amazing phases.

man in white shirt and black pants sitting on brown wooden dock during daytime

A Sporting Event 

Maybe both you and your spouse-to-be like sports very much. Perhaps you bonded over your favorite basketball, baseball, or football team.

If so, proposing at a game seems like an obvious move. You can bring a photographer and pop and question at an opportune moment. You might even speak to the PA announcer and have them tell the crowd your intentions.

This move might work well. However, if you propose surrounded by thousands of other people, you don’t know how well you can control everyone around you. You might have some drunk who jumps into the shot as you’re giving your new fiancé the ring.

To mitigate this potential risk factor, you might consider surprising your partner by popping the question while you do a stadium tour. That way, you won’t have as many people around who might mess up the photo shoot. You can control the situation a little better.

A National Park 

Using an outdoor backdrop can do well if you both like nature. Maybe you like going on hikes and live close to a national park like Yosemite or Yellowstone. Perhaps you have a special spot in the park that you both like to visit.

That would probably work well as a place to take some engagement photos. You can select a place with a nice canyon or rock formation in the background. You might tell a photographer to meet you there at a particular time if you’re trying to conceal your intentions until the last possible moment.

man in white crew neck t-shirt hugging woman in blue denim shorts

Your Backyard 

Maybe you two live together already, and perhaps you even have a blended family. Maybe you both know you’re going to propose, and you want to do it at home, away from the public.

You can set up a customized scene in the backyard if you have the space for it, and you can propose right there. You might have your kids in the background when you go through with it. This way, you have a private setting where no one can jump into the shot or otherwise interfere.