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Smoking Tips: How To Use A One Hitter

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If you’re new to the cannabis industry, you may have been doing some research about the different ways you can enjoy weed. One-hitters are for those who wish to experience marijuana in an instant hit, eliminating the process of repeat dragging and inhaling. This is a great smoking strategy for those who are on-the-go, as well as conservative smokers who prefer to keep track of cannabis intake and are concerned with maintaining high levels of hygiene and discretion. 

One-hitters are made from glass or metal, and can be used as a standalone or can be made as part of sets known as dugouts. If you’re curious as to how one-hitters work, check out the steps below on how to use them:

Place Cannabis Into Hitter

The first step is to place ground cannabis into the end of the one-hitter of your choice, such as the Dart One Hitter Pipe. Ensure that the cannabis is as compact as possible to make sure that the bud doesn’t shift. The bud is inserted in the one-hitter when placed horizontally on a flat surface. Be mindful not to grind up the cannabis as you would a regular joint as larger buds are easier to insert in a one-hitter.

The fact that one-hitters are small pipes with a narrow bowl that allow at least 25 milligrams of cannabis at a time allows for tracking and controlled weed usage. 

Light It Up

Just as you would light up a regular cigarette, place the mouthpiece on your mouth and pull on the bud while simultaneously lighting the bud at the end of the one-hitter using a lighter or matchstick. Now you can get ready to inhale and experience your surreal reality.

Light the one-hitter for a second or two and keep the flame as far from the one-hitter as possible to prevent it from getting too hot when smoking. 

Compared to regular joints, one-hitters emit discreet levels of odor. You also get the right hit by the direct smoke that’s inhaled, reducing the levels of pollution. People surrounding you won’t have to experience the smoke as they do when around a smoker enjoying a joint.

Inhale… Hold… Release

The next step is to inhale, hold, and release until the bud is finished and it’s time for the next joint. This process allows for the full utilization of cannabis because of the single pull effect. No amount of weed is wasted by continuous burning compared to an ordinary joint. The inhalation of ash is also reduced because of the accurate cannabis consistency, and inhaling slowly but surely ensures getting the right hit. 

This whole process can be enjoyed in secret because of the narrowness and compactness of the one-hitter, which appears as a regular cigarette.

Medicinal Usage

One-hitters can be efficient for patients who are in the process of microdosing. Microdosing is a technique adopted by cannabis users interested in the medicinal properties of cannabis and are not necessarily weed users. The main aim of the patients inhaling marijuana is for possible health benefits such as physical relaxation, hair loss recovery, and appetite restoration.

One-hitters allow patients to inhale the accurate amount of marijuana that’s adjusted to their intended outcome without experiencing its psychoactive properties. This means that patients may benefit from one-hitters without being affected compared to inhalation through a joint.

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Marijuana smoking has taken different creative paths of enjoyment. If you prefer to keep your weed enjoyment out of the public eye, the one-hitter might be your go-to path to smoking. You won’t have to be conscious about emitted marijuana odors, as the once-off inhaling process eliminates this. You also don’t have to look for a corner to sort your weed and roll it up as you do an ordinary joint. Also, the concerns you may have about affecting those around you is something you no longer have to worry about as there are no smoke clouds when using a one-hitter. Those who require medicinal marijuana may benefit from the possible health effects by using a one-hitter without experiencing the high that comes with smoking a joint.

It’s important to note that if you’re smoking marijuana for its possible health benefits, you must first consult your doctor. Your doctor can guide you depending on your health condition and medical history regarding the dosage and frequency required. If you currently don’t have a diagnosed medical condition, it’s still advised to visit your doctor for a physical assessment to make sure you’re safely smoking marijuana.