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Surviving the Struggles of Winter: How to Care for Your Mental Health

Photo by Jaroslav Devia on Unsplash

Winter is the time to cozy up in front of the fire and to snuggle in with your loved ones and perhaps a nice big mug of hot chocolate. It is also the time that we see the least amount of sun and get the most exercise. As such, winters happen to be the time of year that we are actually at our least healthiest. This can impact our energy levels or worse, our mental health. That is why treating yourself to a big fun in the sun trip in winter can help you overcome all of winter’s woes and put a smile back onto your face:

Increase Your Intake of Vitamins and Nutrients

Winter is the time of comfort foods, but that is no excuse to let your body suffer. Ensure you are getting enough vitamins straight from the source. A great way to do this is to skip the “fresh food” aisle and go straight for the frozen foods. In winter, the fresh food very often needs to travel great distances to get to your grocery store. The longer the food is in transit, the less nutritious it becomes. Frozen food, on the other hand, was frozen on site, meaning that in comparison it could be the healthier option. The more nutrients you include in your diet, the better your health and immune system will be throughout winter.

Try to Stay Active (Even Though It’s Too Cold Outside)

In general, people are most active during the warmer months. The weather is nice, the sun is shining, and it makes sense to go for a walk around a market or to go on a nice bike ride. In winter, however, the cold, miserable weather often has people stuck indoors. Even places that used to have snow regularly are experiencing milder and milder winters as the years go on. This means fewer opportunities to enjoy winter sports and more wet, cold weather we want to hide away from. Rather than let the cold make you into a couch potato, find fun exercise classes you can do indoors. You’ll have fun, get your exercise in, and even make friends.

Book a Winter Holiday

Overcast skies can seriously impact both your physical health and your mental health. When your winters are full of dark days, this can really take a toll on you. That’s why you need to treat yourself with a trip abroad to a sunny, warm destination. There are so many budget-friendly holidays for winter sun out there, and by booking one during the dead-part of winter (i.e., January), you can enjoy a boost of Vitamin D and enjoy a much-needed break at the same time.

Make Plans in Advance with Your Friends and Family

Going outside when its cold and miserable is a challenge, and this can mean that far too many people become distanced from their close friends and family. Instead of letting the cold get the better of you, make plans in advance. If the event is ticketed, then you give everyone (including yourself) another incentive to go. This way you can stay social and enjoy the company of friends and family throughout winter.

Winter can be just as magical and exciting as summer, but only if you plan right and safeguard your health. Stay healthy, stay active, and stay social. Do this, and you can beat those winter blues away in no time.