Banksy Hits Paris’ Walls with New Political Works Criticizing The Curent Government

By today, Banksy has got to be among the most famous street artists in the world. This evasive artist is renowned for his snark political commentary on how the government treats the working class, expressed through stencil art. This time, over the span of this Paris Fashion Week, Banksy struck Paris with six new works.

The very first one is a girl painting over a swastika with a pink Victorian pattern, which is a reference to the artist's 2008 piece called "Go, Flock, Yourself." The artwork criticizes the seemingly fascist French government migrant policies. The second one portrays a man offering a bone into a legless puppy, a metaphor for those politicians tricking people with claims that can have masked agendas. Another one is Banksy's take on the iconic"Napoleon Crossing the Alps" painting, that mocks the way that the French authorities lead the country, blinding people with fake promises. The previous three works comprise stencil rats -- Banksy's signature stencil, motivated by Parisian artist Blek Le Rat, representing the working class and also how people can make substantial changes when working together.

Although Banksy himself has not signed or supported the works as his very own, experts say the functions certainly look genuine. Check out the brand new bits in the gallery below!

h/t thisiscolossal/demilked