Escape Reality with Marija Tiurina’s “Chaotic, Fictionalized Worlds” Puzzle

All images © Marija Tiurina

Marija Tiurina is recognized for her dreamlike, fictionalized environments, which provide a brief respite from reality. The London-based artist converted one of her larger watercolor paintings into a 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle. The vibrant painting depicts a holiday resort for families and their imaginary companions, bristling with surreal extravagance. Adults, children, and a seemingly limitless number of fantastic characters fill the holiday resort's poolside or play video games in any number of locations within the facility - fishing on the pier during the day or ice skating at nightfall.

The exotic design is now available from Heye Puzzle, and you can purchase original and reproduction versions of other strange situations on Tiurina's website. Keep an eye out for her future work on Behance and Instagram.