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PEJAC’s “WELCOME” Doormat: A Message of Welcome from an Artist with a Vision

When searching for a place to display his current public artwork, urban artist PEJAC went for a stroll around the entrance of a building in Aberdeen, Scotland. 41 Union Street is home to charities and shelters for people who are homeless as a result of social exclusion, which aligns with the artist’s ethical beliefs. When one first sees PEJAC’s “WELCOME” doormat, they might think it’s just a simple message of hello and welcome. But as they look closer, they’ll see that the doormat comprises tiny figures that come together to form the word WELCOME. This unique doormat was created by artist PEJAC, known for his little figure drawings on walls in Madrid.

Photo by Brian Tallman

‘The WELCOME doormat is more than just a decoration – it symbolizes inclusion and hospitality. This initiative, which comes at a time when the WELCOME concept is under attack and with the realities of Brexit setting in, unites an increasingly wide range of individuals who represent everything that surrounds the WELCOME idea, including its meaning,’ says Peterjac on Instagram. ‘It combines people from all walks of life to fight for what is right.’ He adorned this aggregation with a doormat that welcomes anyone who wishes to be accepted, as he wanted to give it to all those who feel alienated, strange, and persecuted. It sends out the message of respect and a voice of empathy that those who have been relegated to society’s margins may understand and appreciate. More than anyone else, it emphasizes the significance of a friendly welcome.

Photo by Clarke Joss

The visual concept transforms the supposed of those oppressed and, in a sense, has been stepped over by society. The artist captures the agony and weariness felt when individuals with power unjustly and unreasonably step over others. ‘A doormat is what it looks like from the outside – from the inside, there are a plethora of stories,’ PEJAC adds. The project is part of the Nuart Festival 2022, which took place between June 9th and 12th. This edition’s subject was reconnecting the city and its citizens, and PEJAC responded by creating his ‘WELCOME’ artwork.

Photo by Pejac
Photo by Pejac
Photo by Pejac
Photo by Pejac

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