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3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Move Over to VoIP

If you're a small business, you might think that you're doing okay with your current phone setup. If it isn't broken, don't fix it, right? But the truth is that you may simply not know the benefits of using VoIP instead, of which there are many. As a matter of fact, it's difficult to see why not all businesses have made the switch already. Let's take a look at a few reasons why your small business should consider switching to VoIP technology.

Take Your Phone Number with You Wherever You Go

A major advantage of VoIP systems is that you can move your setup wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection. In short, you only need one service provider for both your internet and phone and there’s no heavy setup or people you have to call to move your phone number.

Not only that, but your office number can be switched to a mobile line at any time you want, so there will be no waiting time or friction if you need people who call your office to get directly in contact with you.

Voice to Text Capabilities

One of the most underrated benefits of VoIP is that conversations and messages can easily be transcribed. You could do things like monitor your voice messages via email, for instance. People can get transcripts of conversations where they missed some important information, or some conversations can be saved in text form in your CRM to allow your follow-up team to get a better idea of who a client is. These are all things that you can’t do with a regular line.

If you want to upgrade your current setup to one that would allow you to utilise a call management system, we suggest you check out NexGen’s Business Phone Systems. They will be able to sit down with you and look at the different business phone systems and see the pros and cons and each. You’ll then be able to set up the perfect solution for you with all the features needed for your particular operation.

Great Voice Quality

One of the early issues people had with VoIP was the quality of the calls. But that was then, and current VoIP systems offer stellar voice quality. Not only do VoIP systems offer great quality, but they’re actually better than landlines now. There is absolutely no way for someone to know that you’re calling them from a VoIP system now.

Greater Monitoring Options

Another great thing about VoIP is that it allows you to coordinate and monitor your employees better. Doing things like listening to conversations and recording them is much easier with VoIP. Collaboration and conferences are also made seamless.

These are all reasons why you should consider going for a VoIP system for your business. Not only does it offer all of these benefits, but it could also help you save money on your phone calls in the long run.