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A Quick Guide to the Husqvarna 150bt Leaf Blower

So that you can fully enjoy and appreciate your yard all year round, it is super important to keep it in good condition regardless of where you are located in the country. One way of doing that is by investing in a good quality leaf blower. One of the best ones of these that are currently available on the market for purchase is the Husqvarna 150bt leaf blower. This is because it comes packed with a plethora of useful functions and features, and is really comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time and when doing large jobs with it. For these reasons, it is suitable for home use, as well as for commercial use by professional gardeners.

Even though it is really light weight  at 22.5 pounds, it still comes with all of the power that you need to do the important jobs around the yard or on a property such as a golf course. This is thanks to the large 50 cc engine that the leaf blower runs off of. With this, it is able to produce an air speed at the end of the tunnel of as much as 250 miles per hour. Not only is that fast enough to blow away leaves, but also any other dirt and debris that may be present in your yard or around your property. The leaf blower is fully waterproof and so can be used in all weather conditions, during all four seasons, and you do not need to worry about it getting wet.

However, it is lacking in some departments. The main issue being the fact that it does not have the ability to suck up leaves and can only actually blow them from one area of your yard or property to another. This is something that you would expect with a power tool that costs this much and more than most others that are currently available on the market. For any individual that cannot do without this feature, they may want to consider a different model. Husqvarna does produce a number of other leaf blowers with this functionality so it is probably best to start there first.

Because the leaf blower is made by such a good quality manufacturer, you can rest assured that it will last a long time and be highly efficient. Regardless of that fact, it is covered by an extensive warranty that keeps you protected should anything ever happen to the power tool. In the worst-case scenario of a part breaking, you can send it back to the manufacturer for them to either fix it so that it is fully working or replace it with a brand new part so that the leaf blower can get back up and work again.

For more information about this leaf blower see husqvarna 150bt reviews here. Reading this, along with our own review, should give you everything that you need to be able to make a decision of if you want to purchase it or not. Our opinion is that you should for the many positive points that we have already highlighted.