What Motivates a Hacker?

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A hacker is someone who knows how to overcome any system or network defenses to gain access to a person's or company's information. If they get a hold of any valuable data, they usually sell it for higher prices, while personal information goes for cheaper rates depending on the person.

How to Identify a Hacker

Hackers use many different techniques to get a hold of your information. Here are a few methods of hacking that you can easily identify:

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  • Passwords –Most hackers love that people use weak passwords, and even if they don't, hackers love a good challenge. If you find that your passwords aren't working, you would know why. They find it easy when a person uses the same password for all their accounts.
  • Phishing – Sending spam emails is another favorite technique because humans are easy to trick. The messages come from email addresses that look familiar and seem trusting. If they find your information on a shopping forum, they might send you emails for offers and discounts or messages with malicious links to free products. 

Why Do Hackers Do What They Do?

It can be hard to understand why someone would hack into a computer or network. Here are a few reasons why hackers do what they do:

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  1. Financial benefits – Many hackers are motivated by money. Most hackers often get bank information and transfer the money to their own accounts. They also invest in technology that can help them continue on their heists rather than spending much on themselves.
  2. Mental troubles – Many hackers have issues within their own lives, and invading others' privacy gives them a sense of control or a way to avoid their own lives. Many of them haven't been taught the difference between right and wrong, and it is possible they grew up in a family that indulged in crime.
  3. Entertainment – There are quite a few hackers who have the skills to get into people's systems, and they misuse it because they are bored. They might enjoy viewing people's personal information and messing around with their money purely because they have the knowledge to do so.
  4. Revenge –A scorned employee or a person who has been wronged can easily decide to hack into your device if they have the right skills. Many people who feel betrayed often have no way to get even, but when they have enough information on you and the right resources, they will want to get even.
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Stay Protected from Hackers

There are many ways to stay protected, and one of the best ways is by using protection software like Carbon Black's endpoint security. If you have a business, your data is always at risk, especially when shared with clients. Endpoint security secures data and files shared between any devices with the same network as well as remote devices like your clients.

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Identify Possible Threats and Keep Away

Almost everyone has come in contact with potential risks, and the best thing to do is proactively avoid threats. Don't respond to any unknown emails or correspondence, especially when the message looks shady, and keep your device and network safe by keeping an updated security system.

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