I traveled to 32 Countries…in 2017

Last year in 2017 I traveled with 77 people around the world with a company called “Remote Year”. We all signed up to see 12 cities in 12 months but I did a bit more moving around and hit 32 countries and probably about 70 cities. The way it works is this…you apply to Remote Year, they review all applications and then you get picked to go if you fit the criteria. The idea is that you have a job, whatever it is, before you travel so you are able to work remotely. The company sets you up with an apartment to live in, in each city along with a place to go to work 24/7 with good internet. They also take care of all of your transportation to each city of the 12 cities you head to. We traveled to South America, Europe and Asia. There are a few companies similar to Remote Year but none offer what they do, they are by far the leaders in this category.

I am a Travel Photographer and have been to many of the cities that we signed up to go to as I have been to 82 countries before the year started (now I am at 89). While many of the fellow travelers were working I was pretty much running around to new places to see almost on a weekly basis. In my three months in Europe I went to 16 countries. There were many adventures along the way too of course. These are some of the highlights.

walked on an iceberg in argentina

carnival in barranquilla

helicopter ride over rio de janeiro

a house on the water in the middle of nowhere in colombia

hiked machu picchu

saw both sides of igazu falls

chernobyl nuclear exclusion zone, ukraine

sailed for a week through croatia

dove with 12 foot manta rays in indonesia

sunrise at angkor wat

met a komodo dragon

sunrise over mount fuji

snow monkeys of jigokundani, japan

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