Alma Haser’s Puzzling Portraits of Identical Twins

In her most recent series, German photographer Alma Haser combines the portraits of several pairs of twins by literally puzzling their images together. Haser first photographs every twin individually, then prints their corresponding photograph onto a 500 or even 1000-piece puzzle. Finally, Haser Gradually switches each other piece to make two works that are an equal combination of each sibling.

In earlier works, in the series, Haser only switched the twins’ faces, rather than melding their full-length portraits. In the side-by-side images of the twin brothers below, it is difficult to tell if anything is swapped if you don’t narrow your attention to the subjects’ eyes.

Haser lately contributed a few portraits from this series to the group exhibition The Body Issue: Individual Stories at NOW Gallery at London. You may see more of her portraiture between twins on her site and Instagram.