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10 Myths about Glass Window Cleaner You Probably Still Believe

Glass window cleaners come with different ingredients and colors to give you a perfect sheen. Once you are done, you can clearly see that you did a great job cleaning your windows. The array of products can meet or surpass your expectations as you wish. It seems simple, but, there is a high sense of fallacy surrounding glass window cleaners. Read on to check out the ones that you believe are true yet, they are mere allegories.

1. All Cleaners Are Toxic

There are lengthy debates about glass window cleaners and how they are harmful to the environment. The allegation is that all the products are utterly unsafe to plants and human beings. Far from that, there are those that are Eco-friendly and do not cause any harm. To debunk this misconception, you can look at the components of the cleaner.

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2. Bleach works ideally with hot water

You might find yourself using bleach to clean everything, including your windows. This should not startle you because we were brought up knowing that it does an excellent job. The opposite is exact since this bleach might be adding a stain to your quality windows when you use it with hot water. It results in a yellow dye that gives the window a whole terrible look.

3. Vinegar Eliminates all Germs

You can be drawn to vinegar because you have heard that it gets rid of all the germs. Does this really apply to the glass windows? Not at all, it will not work here, but you can try it on kitchen counters. As a result, you don’t have to optimize vinegar on your glass windows.

4. More detergent works better.

Typically, you believe that when you use a significant amount of detergents, the windows will emerge sparkling clean. I have to disappoint you because this is not the case. You might use the cleaner adequately but end up with windows that have streaks. Thus, you don’t have to use a lot to achieve high-grade windows.

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5. Glass window cleaner removes Streaks

Have you ever cleaned your windows only to realize that they have multiple ugly lines? If you try the next time to remove them with a cleaner, it will not yield any results. What you need to do is rinse them thoroughly so that the soap will not leave streaks on.

6. Glass cleaners work well with newspapers

After cleaning the window, you will be tempted to use an old paper to dry it off. This will flop and backfire on your fantastic windows. If you use newspaper, all the ink that is on it will stick to the windows. You will end up doing more harm than good. In fact, you will add more dirt to the windows.

7. It is economical when I clean my windows

Sometimes you might need to save up money so that you can treat yourself to a new suit or dress. However, you are missing out on expertise cleaning, which brings benefits to the table.

8. All Cleaners are the same

They come with unique contents made by several manufacturers. To get a superb outcome after cleaning your windows, you need to look at the ingredients. Are they meant for glass windows? If the label says that they can be used for window cleaning, you can buy them and clean your windows to your satisfaction.

9. Homemade Cleaners don’t work

Some window cleaners can be made at home and give you an excellent cleaning. Thus, don’t be blinded by the fact that only the commercial ones do an exemplary job. You should try using the cleaners that people craft at their abodes, and you will be surprised.

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10. Black Tea Cleans Windows

Over and over again, you know that black tea is an excellent cleaner when it comes to windows. This is not a fact because tea has tannins, which might give windows a weird-looking color. If you don’t use adequate water, you will be astonished when the windows get a blackish color. You should desist from using black tea because it will not be of exceptional service.