4 Ideas That Will Turn Your Bedroom Into Sleep Paradise

sunlight inside bed

Your bedroom should be the paradise where you can go and relax after a long day at work, running around doing chores, or caring for the kids. This room is your sanctuary and it should feel like it at all times, but most importantly, it should feel like this at night when you are sleeping.

Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect the need for a serene bedroom, and this negatively impacts their sleep habits, which can lead to poor health long term. Having a warm comforter is one step, but there are plenty of other highly important reasons to commit to making your bedroom better for sleeping. 

Here are 4 ways to make it all the better.

Increase the Comfort of Your Bed

First and foremost, your bed is the star of the show in the bedroom. This is the most important piece of furniture when it comes to your bedroom so it needs to be prioritized. The first thing you should do is change your mattress as this can be a big culprit. Temperature regulated mattresses, memory foam, or adjustable beds can enhance your comfort. Similarly, new bed sheets at, pillows, and comforters also play a part in how good your bed feels. Softer or firmer mattresses, lighter or heavier pillows, weighted blankets, and better material can be beneficial to the quality and comfort of your bed situation. All of these factors combined equal a great sleep experience and one that will keep you sleeping for longer and better.

Make the Sounds More Peaceful

The sound of your sleep could be affecting how well you sleep too. One of the biggest issues is sound pollution getting in and disturbing your time spent resting. The worst examples are cars, construction, and general noise from people outside, especially in a crowded city. It may be impossible to tell the world around you to quiet down, but you can always drown out that noise with more pleasant sounds. White noise machines and sound machines, in general, are great options for filling the air with serene and calming notes of music or ambient sound. These machines are specifically designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. You can even get them on your phone with apps, paid and free, which provide good sounds too.

Reduce the Amount of Electronics in the Bedroom

If you really want to sleep better at night you need to rethink your stance on electronics in the bedroom. It may come as a shock, but having your phone, laptop/desktop, and TV in the room can impact how well you sleep. First and foremost, turning off electronics well before you go to bed is important for getting a good night’s rest. Secondly, you want to outright remove these devices from your bedroom. Yes, it may be enticing to scroll through your phone before bed, but it will not be doing you any good. Having your TV in your room can actually negatively impact your sex life so there is another good reason to vacate it from your room. While you may want the relaxation of your electronics in the bedroom, treat this room as it should be - your place of rest.

Keep the Room Dim or Dark at Night

The final step you should take in making your room a sleep paradise is to get it as dark as possible when you sleep. You do not need to paint the walls black or board anything up, but you can spend some money on blackout curtains to keep the room as dark as possible with minimal effort. Keeping your room dark is a small but major change you can make. Similarly, there are likely ways to keep it dim in the afternoon too. Dimmer switches on lights and lamps are good for the atmosphere and can help ease into sleep, as are face/eye masks, but the main purpose of a dark room is to prevent light from causing you to wake up. In short, the darker the room the better you will find yourself falling asleep and staying asleep. 

Making your bedroom a sleep paradise is an ideal goal to have for your home. Sleep takes up a huge portion of your life so there is no time for bad quality night's rest. There are plenty of ways that you can enhance your sleep that make sense. Keeping the room darker, sleeping with soothing sounds, and making your bed more comfortable are just some of these important changes you can make to take back your sleep time.