Architectural 3D Models of Skyscrapers

Photo by Sean Pollock on Unsplash

Skyscraper - A very tall building with bearing steel or reinforced concrete frame, designed for the life and work of people.  Many buildings are form using extrusion to get the shape. Architecture 3D models skyscrapers are very popular among 3D artists and in this article, we will dive into this topic.

From 1874 to 1900 in Manhattan was built a total of 252 buildings above ten floors. Now the number of skyscrapers here has practically not changed: they are just over 250, Vogel says. "However, those buildings that at the end of the XIX century were considered" skyscrapers "with a height of more than 60 meters, of course, cannot be compared with modern," he explains.

"To consider a building as a skyscraper, it is necessary to observe several conditions - the height of the building, the type of frame used, the type of foundation, and its location," he adds .-- After all, a high-rise building appeared somewhere in the states of the Midwest is unlikely will be considered a skyscraper in Manhattan. "

Now in the most populated city of the United States, he said, the height of more than 100 buildings exceeds 183 meters. The largest is the 104-story One World Trade Center with a height of 541 meters. The skyscraper was built on the spot where the twin towers of the World Trade Center stood. You can find architecture 3D models skyscrapers with this building.

The second tallest building from New York's skyscrapers - the building located at 432 Park Avenue - shot up 426 meters. The third is a 102-story Empire State Building 443 meters high from the ground to the top of the antenna mounted on it. Interesting that Empire State Building is the third most popular skyscraper among 3D artists.

The creators of the exhibition tried to show how the urban environment was changing at the end of the 19th century, during a period of rapid population growth in New York. Then the number of inhabitants with less than a million in 1870 grew to 3.4 million in 1900, explains Josh Vogel.

According to him, from the end of the XVIII century, the tallest building in Manhattan was the Church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1790 on Broadway next to Wall Street. The height of her spire reached 60 meters.

However, in the 70s of the XIX century, several factors contributed to the building of higher buildings. The most important of them is the rapid growth in the cost of land plots for building.

In 1879, at the very beginning of the "skyscraper revolution," the price of a square foot of land in Manhattan was $ 25, and only ten years later - $ 200. By 1900, it had grown to $ 400.

The second factor, according to Vogel, was the invention of a safety mechanism for elevators. The first such system was installed in 1870 in the building of the insurance company Equitable Life.

"This invention has, in fact, opened the way to the appearance of office and residential buildings with an increasing number of floors," he stressed. "The third factor was the emergence of new construction methods using a steel frame and strengthening the foundations of high-rise buildings." 3D artists like to create skyscrapers because of their attractiveness and power.

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First skyscraper

The first high-rise building, corresponding to modern concepts of skyscrapers, was the 10-story building Tribune 1, erected in 1874 in the so-called "Newspaper series" in Manhattan - one block from Broadway next to the New York City Council.

The building, which cost $ 400 thousand, housed the printing house of the newspaper Tribune. Soon, high-rise buildings appeared in the neighborhood, where the editors of The New York Times, the Sun and other newspapers settled.

Publishers went to considerable expenses for construction at that time, for obvious reasons: all newspaper production - and editors, and printing machines - could be placed under one roof.

In 1890, the founder of the famous journalist Pulitzer Prize, an American publisher of Hungarian origin, Joseph Pulitzer, adorned the city with the new skyscraper The World Building. A height of 94 meters made this headquarters of the newspaper tycoon the tallest building in the city and the tallest office building in the world, which was second only to the Eiffel Tower.

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