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Find out the Appropriate Bed Sizes that Suits Your Room

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For a night of proper and peaceful sleep, one needs to have the right ambiance. And the right ambiance includes the perfect rooms, the perfect light as obviously the comfortable mattress. The comfort of the mattress is very much important to have proper rest. We have different body types and our requirement for mattresses is also different. Some prefer a softer base while some want a hard mattress for back pain.

But, there are other requirements too. Many people prefer spacious beds to sleep in. They need enough space just to sink in and wake up with a fresh body and mind. Again, if you are a couple with one or two kids, again the bed sizes matter. For a family of three or four and especially kids, you must have a mattress that provides appropriate space for all and also that provides comfort. Those who have kids must take care of his comfort.

There are various mattress sizes available in the market. But before that, you must take note of the bed size that you want or need. Let us discuss some of them.

 Understanding the Right Bed Size Dimensions

There are four-bed sizes available in the market today namely the twin, single, double, full, queen, king, California king, western king, and eastern king. But, do you know the difference between all these available bed sizes? Let us find out.

  • Double or Full and Queen size beds: These bed sizes are appropriate for a normal bedroom size but In general, a full or double bed is too narrow for a comfortable night’s sleep. These beds are adept for the single adult sleeper who is below 5 feet. But many customers find a double bed just too narrow for 2 adults and very short as well. The Double beds are apt for the singles.

The Queen size beds have extra width and length. They are perfect and provide room while taking up too much space in the room. They can also be used in the guest rooms and smaller bedrooms and are ideal for adults.

Pros & Cons

The couples who love to snuggle and want more leftover space in the room must go for Queen size beds. Linens and blankets of the exact sizes are also available handy. But for couples wanting space on the bed, a queen size bed is not the ideal one. Sometimes brands sell beds as queen size but they don’t fill in perfectly. So, you should always check the bedding dimensions and be sure that they would fit perfectly and comfortably.

A Double/Full bed size fits in much smaller rooms. But this can be quite narrow for couples.

Now while the bed size is being sorted, you must also check out for the mattress sizes. The mattress sizes for the Double and Queen sized beds will depend on the bed sizes. Below, we have mentioned a chart where the approx dimensions are mentioned. 

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Height75 to 80 inch approx
Width54 to 60 inch approx
Surface Area4800 inch approx
Target CustomersYoung teenagers, parents with small kids
Ideal Room Size10 feet by 14 feet approx
  • King Size Beds: There are two sizes and four different names to the King Size beds and this at times gets confusing wherever you go shopping. The standard king has another name called the Eastern king and a California king is popular as the Western King.  

The standard king sized beds are for the couples who need extra space or have one kid or a pet with them on the bed. The amount of space that a person will get in a twin-size bed is the same as the amount of space that each person of the two will get in a king-size bed. If you join two extra-long beds together, you will get the same size as that of the Eastern king. You can try the trick of adding two extra-long twin-size beds together and create a king-size bed for couples. Since four different sizes come under the king-size beds. 

The size of a standard king bed is ideal for those having a partner to sleep with but the California king beds are proper for the extra tall people requiring extra length. The Cal king beds also suit the rooms whose length is more than the width. Before going out shopping, take proper measurements of your bed so that the linens you buy fit.

Pros & Cons

Talking about the pros and cons, the Standard king-size beds are a bit wider than the queen-size beds and have almost the same length. Normally the King size beds are sold with two box springs or frames. The standard king size is the most comfortable and demandable for two adults. But because of the size, it gets hard for a single person to move the king-size bed to and fro in the house. Plus a king-size bed might not be long enough for extra tall people. Bedding is also expensive in such sizes.

In a California King or Western King, the beds are the longest beds that are available and are apt for the extra tall people. California-sized beds also come with two half-width box springs to make them more manageable while shifting. But the California-sized beds have very large mattresses that sometimes get very difficult to move.

Now, let us again figure out the properties that you must keep note while purchasing the a Standard King and a California King size mattresses:

white bedspread and black wooden bed
Height84 inch approx
Width72 inch approx
Surface Area6048 inch approx
Target CustomersExtra tall people, Couples with pets
Ideal Room Size13 feet by 19 feet
  • Single, and Extra Long Twin Beds: Twin beds are mostly single beds and are mostly used for the children, in hostel rooms, and also in multi-use guest rooms. The sizes of these beds are very narrow and are made to fit in smaller rooms. In most cases, you can find the twin beds having a roll-along under them for accommodating another person. 

You can use the Twin beds as bunk beds as well. Also because of the small size, it is very easy for the bed to shift around in the house and also to carry upstairs. The twin-size sheets also come cheap and are available in multiple patterns and designs. 

Pros & Cons

The single twin beds fit into smaller bedrooms. Linens and blankets of similar size are easily available in the market and also in multiple patterns. But sometimes, twin size or the standard size becomes too short for the adults.

The twin extra long beds are 5 inches longer than the standard twin beds and are mostly used in hostels and guest houses. The length is apt for the taller teens and adults. But bedding of this particular bed size is hardly available in the market.

The twin-size beds are the most popular and used one just because of their easy-to-use process. And, the twin mattress size beds are a good fit for students. You can check out the size chart mentioned below to have an understanding of the length and width of the twin-size bed.


Height75 inch approx
Width38 inch approx
Surface Area2850 inch approx
Target CustomersTeenagers, Students
Ideal Room Size7 feet by 10 feet
MobilityEasily moveable


Buying the ideal bed and mattress is not an easy task since this can impact your health. You must get proper research done before any purchase because the product must not only fit your pocket, but also your home, your accessibility, and definitely health. Read the guidelines, check various brands and then go for the final purchase.