Glass Lodge in Iceland Lets You Stare at the Northern Lights Right From Bed

If you wish to choose your Northern Lights visiting a different level, you may decide to book a stay in the Panorama Glass Lodge. Situated in a remote area just half an hour outside of Reykjavík, this picturesque lodge features a fantastic view of the Icelandic landscape due to big glass windows that surround the mattress.

Constructed to sleep two people, you can couch while gazing at the stars over and the nighttime sky around you. By encasing the dormant area in the glass, people are guaranteed a fantastic view of nature night and day. Panorama Glass Lodge is situated on the beaches of this ocean, and with just five additional houses on the shore --each a reasonable distance from the lodge--it's the ideal stay for those seeking to unwind and detach in complete privacy.

A spa located directly near the lodge will keep you toasty while you stargaze and is an excellent option for adventurous honeymooners. However, a vibrant sky isn't the one thing you may expect; there is also a chance to catch sight of a whale outside in the fjord or seals sunbathing on the shore.

Prices start from $342 (roughly $420) a night, but make your reservations early, as this glass awakens books up quickly.

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