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How to decorate kid’s room – Busy boards for toddlers

Everything that surrounds a child in the first years of life has a tremendous influence on his personality. Therefore, it is crucial to take seriously how your baby spends time, what he does, in what conditions he grows. It is better to surround your baby with nice educational toys in addition to a friendly, calm environment, good nutrition, walking, and sleeping. It will help your little one learn many valuable skills and better prepare for adulthood. A busy board can be one of the best tools in this process.

What is busy board anyway?

A busy board is a game board that develops imagination and allows toddlers to get acquainted with household items while working on fine motor skills. It is an invention of the famous Italian teacher Maria Montessori. Parents and children around the world use her method with great benefit and absolute pleasure. Here is a list of the most common elements in a busy board:

  • small items such as fasteners, shoestrings, zippers, buttons;
  • details to press: switches, buttons, sockets;
  • clocks, abacuses, mosaics, and labyrinths;
  • light and sound modules.

If you are the kind of parent who seriously cares about how to decorate kids’ room walls with the maximum benefit, a busy board is what you need.

How to decorate kids room in the best way possible?

Try to use as many organic materials as you can.

Eco-friendly toys are always a great idea because only they are 100% safe for babies. Firstly, such toys do not have small parts and batteries that can get into the mouth. Secondly, these products will never cause allergies. And of course, wooden toys are more durable than any other. Wooden decoration for kids room guarantees that your child will grow up in a safe and cozy environment.

Sports equipment will help your baby to build a strong core.

There is a direct dependency between the physical and mental development of a child. Therefore, it is essential to encourage the child’s natural desire to move. Particular furniture and equipment help children explore their bodies, develop gross motor skills, physical strength, and agility. BumbleBee Smart store can offer you a lot of fine climbing furniture for toddlers, for example, Pikler triangle. It is a small ladder that delights the kids. Any pediatrician will confirm: this product is excellent for active play at home.

Sensory walls are the best presents for toddlers.

The idea of a developing board for children with realistic everyday objects appeared quite a long time ago. Often babies show interest in the very same objects that are forbidden to touch. They want to learn how to use the same things that adults use. Instead of continuing to prohibit something, you can let the baby satisfy his curiosity safely and even beneficially. A busy board for playroom will help you cope with this task and invent brand new games for your little one.

Create a magic world for your baby at home.

The personal space of your toddler is the place where he or she will spend the most time. Indeed, this place should evoke a feeling of safety and comfort and immerses your baby in a fairy tale. It is difficult for adults to remember how meaningful it is for a child to dip into a fantasy world from time to time because we stopped dreaming a long time ago. The activity board for toddlers and other items listed earlier creates your baby’s world during the first years of life. It is up to you to make this world as colorful and immersive as possible.

Nowadays, it has become much easier to please your baby with a perfect educational toy. You can find an item or game that will be exciting and fun but also safe and educational. A DIY busy board can win the admiration of your toddler, mainly if you include the elements that are forbidden to touch usually. Also, you can find a massive range of educational toys that will benefit and delight your baby in our store. And a happy child is a guarantee of parental peace of mind.