How to Remodel Your Kitchen (Almost) Stress-Free

Photo by iAlicante Mediterranean Homes on Unsplash

Undertaking any home renovation project can be stressful. Sometimes taking weeks or even months, it's hard not to feel displaced or disrupted when you can't go about your usual daily routine. This is especially true if the room being remodeled is your kitchen. While beds can be easily relocated, ovens and refrigerators are pretty much fixed where they are. If you can't access them anytime, frustrations can build up quickly.

But then, it doesn't have to be that way! With proper planning, even extensive renovations can be peaceful and almost stress-free. Here's how:

Organize an alternative.

This is essential, especially if you have kids at home. As mentioned above, it's hard to relocate your kitchen while it's being renovated, so plan and create an alternative option somewhere in the house. Prepare and freeze meals in advance if you can, and put your microwave to work in the family or dining room. You should also include eating out in your budget as you'll definitely want to escape the house as often as you can. Don't forget to check out the home remodeling & renovation guide.

Keep snacks in the house.

Keeping non-perishable, easy-access snacks around the house is vital when you're remodeling a kitchen. Things like nuts and seeds are great. If you're expecting your remodel to take a while, you can even buy them boxed wholesale.

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Expect to get stressed.

Even if you've planned for every possible eventuality, chances are a stressful moment or two will still crop up. Try and keep a cool head, and remember that you're unlikely to be the only member of your family feeling the way you do. Talk things out calmly and rationally, and you'll minimize the chances of an all-out argument. Don't let things fester.

Get everyone involved.

If you have kids at home, don't forget that the remodel is inconvenient for them, too. Get them involved when you can by assigning them kid-friendly tasks.

Watch the budget.

It's easy to blow the budget on a remodel, especially for finishing touches like accessories and appliances. However, running out of money or getting into any sort of debt is never a good idea, and will continue to be a source of stress long after the remodel is finished. Planning for unforeseen expenses is also essential.

Talk to your contractor.

If you have questions, ask them. If you’d like to make changes, make them. Make it very clear to your contractor what you’d like and when you’d like things done, and voice issues as they arise to avoid feeling frustrated or resentful. Keeping in constant communication will also reduce the possibility of mistakes being made!

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Stick it out.

When things get hectic, it can be tempting to just rush things or cut corners so that things will get done faster. This is a surefire way to regret things later on, so stick it out as planned all the way to the end. The result will be worth it.  

Stay positive.

It's unlikely your remodel will be a perfect experience from start to finish, with so many moving parts things that are bound to come up. Keep a positive attitude, and even the big things like plumbing or electrics will be easier. Promise.