Fun and Unique Ways to Revitalize Your Home Decoration

Cozy modern home with decor inspired by autumn

Are you bored of having the same home décor as everyone else? Are you looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and make your home look a little bit different? It would be boring if everyone’s houses looked the same, and so many people are looking for ways to make their homes unique and add a sense of fun and good humor to their home décor. If this sounds like you, here is a compilation of some of the best- and sometimes crazy- ideas that you can use to revitalize your home decoration.

Bean Bag Chairs

Why should children have all the fun? If you want to combine the kookiness of kid’s bedrooms with the chic style of family homes, you should consider looking at bean bag chairs, which can provide a relaxing space to recline while making a fun addition to your home. While everyone else opts for sofas and rocking chairs, bean bags are funky and modern alternatives that come in a range of bright primary colors. Although you might have heard of bean bag chairs through Lovesac, you should consider opting for a Lovesac alternative from Fombag if you want to enjoy bean bag chairs at a more reasonable price- for the same high quality. 

Bright living room interior with minimalistic chair, desk, couch with red elements like bean bag chair and blanket

Wall Stencils 

Do your walls look dated or uninspiring? Walls and wallpapers are often one of the most neglected areas of the home, with most people opting for neutral colors to optimize their home’s space and ensure that their rooms can look airy and bright. However, while neutral colors have many positives, they also look the same as everyone else’s walls. Then, to ensure that you can personalize your wallpaper, you should consider investing in wall stencils, which can be placed over traditional paint or wallpaper. Wall stencils allow you to apply a unique design chosen by yourself onto your walls, giving your rooms a focal point that your neighbors can admire. 

Close-up of white ceramic cups with wooden lids on a desk and leaf stencils decorations on a white empty wall

Patterned Staircases

Do you believe that staircases are purely functional? The way to create a unique and fun home is to find the opportunity for personalization and inspiration wherever you go. Although stairs are a necessary part of the home, they can also be made beautiful and unique through many crafty ways. One of the best options to make your staircases stand out is to paint the front panel of each stair with a chosen design, plants, and books being some of the most common. You could even wallpaper the front panel of your stairs with a busy design to add an extra touch of beauty to your home and ensure that every part of your home décor is thought out.

@magicbones66 via Twenty20

Floating Shelves

Do you need more storage but are struggling to find a way to make it attractive? Storage options such as filing cabinets, cupboards, and bins can be extremely unattractive, with an abundance of neutral colors and unappealing materials, such as steel, dominating their design. Although there are ways to create unique storage options in your home, you should consider installing floating shelves on your walls. These are partially invisible when holding objects, meaning that they can blend into the rest of your décor while holding items such as books and other possessions. What’s more, floating shelves also give your items the aesthetic appearance of floating in mid-air, adding a sense of wonder to your home.

Photo by Alvaro Matzumura on Unsplash

Shaped Beds

Do you want to embrace your inner child? Shaped beds are one of the most sought-after features of childhood bedrooms. However, they are not just for kids, and they can help you to imagine that you are living within a fantasy world, with popular and fun shapes including pirate ships with gangplanks and netting, books, and race cars. Whether you theme the rest of the room around this bed or use it as a set-piece to draw the visitor’s attention, shaped beds can help you to add a child-like sense of fun to your bedroom.

Bike above black bed in dark bedroom interior with patterned stool and armchair. Real photo

Indoor Fire Pits 

Although fire pits are just as unique outside, have you ever thought about moving your fire pit inside? Get the sense of camping around a fire within the warmth of your home by installing an under the table or focal fire pit within your living room or office. Not only do they make the whole room look cozy and warm, but they can be great for entertaining and gathering guests in a fun and unique way as the nights draw in.

Outdoor Living Spaces

However, why only make the interior of your home look fun? Many outdoor living options can create useful but fun additions to your home, allowing you more space to entertain and enjoy. Some of the best of these include outdoor cinemas, which you can create with simple garden furniture and a projector, meaning that you never have to step outside your home to see a film on the large screen. You could also consider unique pool ideas, such as those that stretch both inside and outside your home or those that include a summer house or island in the middle that is reachable by swimming only. 

Teenagers sit talking around a fire pit in a garden at dusk

Indoor Slide

Why use the stairs when you can have a slide? Slides can help you to add a unique sense of fun and thrills to your home, allowing you to get between floors easily and safely. However, you may still want to combine this with a staircase fixture for guests that struggle with using slides- or who simply don’t want to. 

Young boy playing slide in playground

Vintage Fabrics

The great thing about using vintage fabrics is that no one will have the same patterns as you on their sofas and soft furnishings. Vintage fabrics are not just any old material that you can buy from the biggest chain stores, and they can help to add a sense of retro fun and quirkiness to your home. To utilize these, you may have to get crafty, with many sewing and DIY options to consider when crafting with vintage fabrics.